Dannii Minogue Neon Nights 20th anniversary CD: Obviously I’m excited

OK, this is how you reissue a CD.

In June, Dannii Minogue’s excellent 2003 album Neon Nights gets a 20th anniversary reissue across a number of formats. The one I’m really excited about is the 7CD mega-deluxe box set.

How do you turn one album into 7 CDs? CD1 is the original album and key B-sides. Each of the other discs is devoted to a comprehensive selection of remixes for each of the singles and key promo tracks from the album:

  • Who Do You Love Now? (UK#3)
  • Put The Needle On It (AU#11, UK#7)
  • I Begin To Wonder (AU#14, UK#2)
  • Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling (AU#22, UK#5)
  • Come And Get It
  • Blame It On The Music

The remixes for Neon Nights are a lot better than was typical for the period, when 9-minute extended drum loops were the norm. In particular, the Danstress pursued a strategy of mash-ups combining the singles with classic hits.

Thus, ‘Don’t Wanna Lose This Groove’ combines ‘Don’t Want To Lose This Feeling’ with Madonna’s ‘Into The Groove’. Similarly, ‘Begin To Spin Me Round’ blends Dead Or Alive’s ‘You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)’ with ‘I Begin To Wonder’.

This isn’t the first time Neon Nights has been expanded. A 2CD deluxe version came out in 2007, and was reissued in 2018. Initial orders for that on Amazon came with a signed poster, which I snapped up and which you can see pictured at the top.

The 2018 reissue of Neon Nights, from my own collection.

In theory, that edition is still available through Amazon. However, it’s listed at the moment as “temporarily out of stock”. I wouldn’t be surprised if it permanently disappears from there in the near future once the new release arrives.

As the commenters over at the always-excellent Super Deluxe edition note, the cover design is, frankly, a travesty. Obviously they wanted it to look different to the standard edition or the reissue, but this spiral nightmare was not the way to do it.

As well as the 7CD extravaganza, there’s a 2CD+DVD bundle, and vinyl and tape reissues. I’m a tad peeved that the DVDs weren’t also included in the “mega” version, but them’s the breaks.

The full 7-disc set is only available through Minogue’s official store, and ships on 16 June 2023. I’ve already ordered mine.

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