Mastercheap: The Complete Archive

Mastercheap started as a very simple idea back in 2010: imagine I had an absolutely empty pantry and just $25. Could I feed myself for a week?

I ended up writing a very popular series of Mastercheap articles for Lifehacker (I’m still asked about it more than a decade later). I repeated the experiment with Mastercheap Raw in 2012: the same rules, but I had to make everything from scratch. I checked in 2015 to see if the concept was still viable with rising prices. And in 2023 I’m revisiting the idea again at Finder.

Online publishing being what it is, many of those articles have disappeared. So here’s a full list, linking to when the original piece has been removed.

Mastercheap (2010)

Mastercheap Raw (2012)

Mastercheap (2015)

Mastercheap Revisited (2023)

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