Cauldron II: The complete Amstrad CPC6128 map

Extract from the Cauldron II map

One of the first big things I ever put together on the original Gusworld site was an interactive map for Cauldron II, the Amstrad CPC6128 game I played for stress relief during high school.

I might eventually try and migrate the whole thing into a modern web environment, it’s very late 90s (think frames and no CSS whatsoever). But the element I decided to tackle today was the full map, which was coded as a weird HTML table loading multiple images which doesn’t work anymore. (Back then, downloading an image that was collectively 2880 pixels wide required a speed warning. These days, that’s barely big enough to look decent.)

Anyway, how do you join together 225 images in 2023? A mix of Python-via-ChatGPT, Excel and Irfanview, obviously. So here’s the entire game map for Cauldron II.

For more nostalgic gaming, I also recently moved my comprehensive Muppet Race Mania guide here onto the site.

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