ALDI special buys: How on earth does it sell Oreos so cheaply?

Oreo Originals 133g packet

One theme for this week’s first batch of ALDI special buys is American food. Amongst brands most Aussies will recognise from sitcoms (Junior Mints! Pop Tarts!), there’s one which is familiar and already routinely sold in local supermarkets: Oreo cookies.

What’s surprising is how ridiculously cheap they are: $1.25 for a 133g packet. To put this into perspective, both Woolworths and Coles will charge you $2.50 for exactly the same item. That’s literally twice as much.

It’s also a cheaper unit price than the 370g “family pack” both those supermarkets sell. That sells for $4.50, giving a unit price of $1.22/100g. The ALDI deal works out at a still-cheaper $0.94/100g.

As I never tire of pointing out, ALDI is not always cheaper – pegs and Vegemite are recent examples. And sometimes the products it sells for special buys don’t stand up to close scrutiny. But in this case, it is offering a way cheaper deal on the very same product. (Alas, Amazon isn’t doing what it often does for Woolworths and Coles specials and price matching.)

Will I be buying any Oreos? Well, no, because they’re unhealthy. But for Oreo addicts, now is the time to stock up, it seems.

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