GALLERY: Virgin Australia’s upgraded Boeing 737-8 interiors

Interior of new Virgin Australia Boeing 738-8.

Virgin Australia is upgrading its plane interiors, and they’re on show in its first Boeing 737-8, which was delivered to its Brisbane HQ today.

Understandably, the feature Virgin is boasting most heavily about is the expanded overhead locker space. Apparently it has up to 50% more space than the previous design.

On any domestic flight in Australia, it’s always a struggle to find overhead space if you’re one of the last to board. Virgin doesn’t police carry-on very well, so extra space is very welcome.

The other big improvement? At-seat power. Always keen for that.

The plane looks roomy, but the new design will actually have up to 12 more economy seats. In part, that will be achieved by removing one of the Economy X rows. I’ve never thought Economy X was great value, so I can live with that.

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