Spice Girls Rubik’s cube: love the idea, hate the price

So it’s 25 years since the Spice Girls released ‘Viva Forever’, the fourth (and final) single from their Spiceworld album. This was the ballad with the cartoon fairy video and some excellent moody vocals.

To mark the occasion, the band is flogging a bunch of anniversary merchandise. Naturally, the one I noticed was the Rubik’s Cube. Per the official site, “the Rubik’s Cube as featured in the ‘Viva Forever’ video gets a makeover with different patterns mirroring the wings of each Spice Girls Fairy”.

As a Spice/Rubik’s tragic, I like the idea. But I don’t like the price: £25. That translates to around $50, which is a heck of a lot for a cube. Yep, I know, merch is always overpriced, but I’m going to have to really weigh up if I should order this ahead of the 11 August shipping date.

I will give Team Spice points for not rorting postage. The delivery charge to Australia is £3.24, the same as the UK – though I guess that means a very slow sea mail delivery. Decisions, decisions . . .

To estbalish my Rubik’s credentials, here’s an ancient video from my Lifehacker days of me solving a cube in around 2 minutes – which is as fast as I’m ever going to get, let’s be clear.

And of course we’d better note the time I went to the Lizzies (Australia’s IT journalism awards) as Ruby Cube. You better believe I won best dressed that time.

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