Qantas Business Lounge charging upgrade

Angus Kidman in the Qantas Sydney lounge

After a couple of months away from the Qantas Business lounge in Sydney, I noticed a welcome improvement on a recent visit.

The desks finally have an easy-to-access charging option.

To set some context: if I’m in the Sydney lounge on a weekday, I want to work.

So usually, I head straight behind the check-in desk to the bank of desks just behind.

These have always had power outlets, but until very recently these were under the desk, making it fiddly to connect stuff.

Old Qantas Business lounge charging outlets

Now, Qantas has added new and better charging outlets to the top of the desk. As well as being easier to access, these include two power outlets, plus two USB-A outlets, plus two USB-C. So if you need to charge your laptop and your phone and your Kindle (guilty), that can be done without needing extra double adaptors or the like.

New charging point in Qantas Business

I’m using the Business Lounge while I can, so no idea if this is also the case in the main Qantas Club or in other cities. But usually Qantas does this stuff country-wide.

In any case, I’m happy to have a better desk while working, first-world-jerk as it may be. As I noted in my recent Qantas Hong Kong update, power outlets are often my biggest consideration when choosing a lounge.

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