Queen’s pricey pussy: Someone paid £8,255 for Freddie Mercury’s cat books

Last month I wrote about Sotheby’s auctioning off Freddie Mercury’s collection of cat books, including a notable title by actress Beryl Reid, with a starting bid was 500 pounds. I made this prediction:

 I won’t be surprised if the final price is a lot higher.

But even I didn’t guess at just quite high that final price would be. The lot ultimately sold for a frankly ridiculous £8,255.

Adding insult to injury, the buyer had to buy a 26% buyer’s premium, taking the final total to £10,401.30.

A lot of that price would be due to the inclusion of “18 photocopies of drawings of Freddie Mercury’s cats, some with handwritten captions”.

Even so, that’s a ridiculous sum. I’ll stick to my Queen CD box set.

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