ABBA song titles puzzle: Can you guess them all?

Identify the ABBA song from the cryptic clue. For instance,

Mum, mum, myself, article


Mamma Mia

(mum, mum, me, a)


Quintuple affirmation


I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

Can you solve them all?

  1. Judo grade, warble, chess piece
  2. Dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot
  3. Scrambled wool rate
  4. Beneath a pin
  5. e.g. Monopoly, Uno
  6. Do you want?
  7. Torus torus
  8. Re: solids
  9. Ms Swift (abbr), vehicle, song (Fr), note
  10. Stitch extended
  11. Omnes, qui vincit accipit illud
  12. Have mid area
  13. Watch Mr Ackroyd
  14. Bonkers globe
  15. Roll mocker
  16. Continually (triple)
  17. Cis pair
  18. Scramble egg and banana with broom
  19. Prophetess
  20. 24 hours ahead of your climax
  21. 3+3, a 3-step chess piece, canine command, party drug
  22. Ich bin die Stadt
  23. One opponent
  24. Double bee product
  25. Tribute to Wham!’s 2nd UK #1
  26. Formerly Rosalita
  27. Merci sheep for the notes
  28. Bombini
  29. The little kicks!
  30. Continue waltzing until the record stops

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  1. #22 has left me wishing to hear a Kraftwerk cover of this song!

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