Christie Allen: Goose Bumps The Complete Mushroom Recordings 1978-1981

Gusworld Records is my fantasy record label, where I imagine comprehensive CD reissues for performers I love whose CD catalogue has been neglected by major labels (so what else is new?).

For a brief period in 1979 and 1980, Christie Allen was Australia’s biggest female pop star. She scored two top 10 hits, ‘Goose Bumps’ and ‘He’s My Number One’, the choruses of which remain instant earworms 40-plus years on.

But after Christie’s second album flopped amidst emotional and health issues, she effectively disappeared from the recording scene, save a brief appearance at the Mushroom 25 concert in 1998 to sing ‘Goose Bumps’.

Christie recorded just two albums, 1979’s Magic Rhythm and 1980’s Detour, both under the hand of expat Aussie Terry Britten (a few years before he hit pay dirt writing for Tina Turner). Magic Rhythm was also released in Japan and a few European countries as Goose Bumps (different cover art but identical track listing).

Anyway, while Magic Rhythm was briefly available as part of Mushroom’s budget range of CDs, Detour has never scored a release. That album’s also of note for Kirsty MacColl fans like myself as it includes a cover of ‘You Caught Me Out’. This was, at the time, the first full commercial release of the track (MacColl’s own single having been cancelled just prior to release).

So there’s definitely a gap to capture Christie’s complete output on CD, including the handful of B-sides from her early singles and the Mushroom 25 live performance.

For completeness, we’d also include ‘Come Tarino With Me’, the soft drink jingle she recorded at this time. I have no idea if a longer version of this exists, though it seems unlikely.

So here’s my proposed track listing. While this might just cram onto a single CD, it would be pushing the limits – better to stay safe and keep it across two discs. That also allows space if there are studio out-takes I don’t know about!

Mushroom is marking its 50th anniversary this year. What could be more timely?

Disc 1: Magic Rhythm

  • Magic Rhythm (3:05)
  • All Australian Female (2:49)
  • Only Yes Will Do (4:05)
  • Goose Bumps (2:50)
  • Falling In Love With Only You (3:30)
  • He’s My Number One (3:00)
  • Count Me Out (4:04)
  • Fallin’ In Luv (2:52)
  • You Know That I Love You (3:20)
  • Ships That Pass Through the Night (3:21)


  • Nashville Tennessee (2:52)
  • Under Lock And Key (2:53)

Disc 2: Detour

  • You Caught Me Out (3:29)
  • City Lights (3:39)
  • Switchboard (2:47)
  • Man or Mouse (2:30)
  • Tell Her You’re Mine Tonight (3:30)
  • Sci Fi (3:11)
  • Baby Get Away (3:39)
  • Don’t Put Out The Flame (3:03)
  • Long Distance Calling (3:15)
  • Monday Through to Friday (4:11)
  • Don’t Stop (2:57)


  • Come Tarino With Me 0:30)
  • Goosebumps (Live Mushroom 25) (3:02)

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  1. luv christie allen! go Perth grrl!

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