ALDI special buys: This Tim Tam deal doesn’t take the biscuit

Packets of Tim Tams

After I published my story about last week’s $2 Oreos deal at ALDI, Hugh Woods pinged me on Twitter to point out that it wasn’t actually that unusual: Woolworths had run an identically-priced discount the week before.

It’s a point worth remembering: with brand-name items, ALDI special buys are usually good, but not necessarily any better than what you’d get elsewhere.

That’s definitely the case with this week’s “Familiar Favourites” deals, which go on sale on Wednesday 5 July. One of them is for $2.25 Tim Tams. That is a lot cheaper than the normal $4.50 per packet price you’ll pay in a major supermarket for some Aussie chocolate biscuit goodness.

But you don’t need to make a special trip to ALDI to get that price. Right now, Woolworths has the same $2.25 deal. And from Wednesday, that price stops at Woolworths, but it starts at Coles.

Tim Tams are what I call “eternal sale” products: they go on special really regularly. If you like them, you should stock up every time that happens at your supermarket of choice. (The same rule applies to Vegemite, for starters.)

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