ALDI special buys: Kewpie mayonnaise is an actual bargain

I’ve been bagging out ALDI a bit recently for having brand-name specials that aren’t any better than Coles or Woolworths. So credit where credit’s due: the supermarket’s upcoming mayonnaise special is genuinely a good deal.

As part of its Japanese food sale that kicks off on Saturday 29 July, ALDI is selling a 300g packet of Kewpie Mayonnaise for $3.99.

That’s $1.51 lower than the usual price charged at Woolworths or Coles, where the 300g size normally sells for $5.50.

Coles had Kewpie on sale last week, but even then the price only dropped to $4.30. So $3.99 is definitely a better-than-usual price cut.

With a unit price of $1.33/100g, the ALDI special even beats the larger 500g size, which sells for $8.00 (which is $1.60/100g for the maths-challenged). Hmm, might be time for some burger planning.

Lead image by Lars Millberg

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