ALDI special buys: Listerine bargain tastes quite good

When ALDI sells brand-name goods, it often offers sizes that aren’t available in other stores. its 370g jar of Vegemite is the classic example, but in its special buys this week, we can see it with another well-known product: Listerine.

As part of its bathroom sale kicking off on Wednesday 9 August, ALDI is selling a 750ml bottle of Listerine Freshburst for $7.99.

ALDI Listerine catalogue listing

You won’t find that size on sale at Woolworths or Coles. Both offer 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml versions, but not 750ml.

This is why unit pricing is helpful. At $1.07/100ml, ALDI is cheaper than regular pricing for any size at rival supermarkets. The best at regular pricing is normally $1.40/100ml (if you buy the 1-litre bottle).

But that doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest-ever deal. Right now, for instance, Coles is selling the 500ml Freshburst for $4.00, which is a unit price of $0.80/100ml. That special finishes today, just one day before the ALDI deal starts.

Bottom line? This isn’t quite as good as the recent mayonnaise deal, but it’s still way better than the dodgy vinyl records.

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