Stevie Nicks Barbie sells out at launch, Gloria Estefan not so lucky

Earlier today, Mattel announced a Stevie Nicks Barbie, inspired by the Fleetwood Mac singer’s legendary Rumours look. Despite a $97 price tag in Australia, the doll has already sold out.

Shitty opportunists are already flogging it on eBay for silly prices, but I won’t dignify any of those with a link.

No surprise there though – Barbie and Nicks both have rabid fan bases. But on browsing around the Mattel Creations store, I was a little surprised to see that a similar musically-themed Barbie, for Gloria Estefan, still hadn’t sold out.

I’d have figured any limited edition Barbie would clear the shelves pretty quickly, but the Gloria doll has been out for a year at this point. I guess even with major stars, Barbie success is not guaranteed.

Overall, I’d say the Nicks doll is better value than the Spice Girls Rubik’s Cube, but I can live with having missed out on both.

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