ALDI special buys: The WD-40 mystery

Most of the ALDI special buys this week either are of no interest to me (air fryers, Halloween costumes for kids) or they’re brand name goods I know will be selling for the same in Woolworths or Coles soon enough (think Shapes and Tim Tams).

But there is one item in the Car sale which starts Wednesday 11 October which deserves a quick discussion: the $7.99 can of WD40.

Note this isn’t “classic” WD-40. It’s “Easy Slide Silicon Spray”, from WD-40’s sister brand 3-In-One. Like WD-40, you can use it to lubricate and waterproof. But just how cheap is it? Let’s compare some of the obvious competitors.

So if you think you need some Easy Slide Silicon Spray, the ALDI price is solid. But as usual, don’t buy the ALDI vinyl records.

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