OMG the Spice Girls Holiday Ornament is an absolute rort

Back in July, I ranted about how the Spice Girls Rubik’s Cube was so overpriced, even a cubing Spice maniac (i.e. me) would not buy it. But it turns out the girls were just warming up.

Drop One of the Spice Girls Holiday Range has just been announced. I was briefly tempted by the globe ornament. But then I saw the price.

25 quid for a 6cm ornament is just ridiculous – and the postage adds an additional £5.65. That works out at close to $60 for a single tree decoration. I literally could buy a plastic tree for that.

“People of the world, Spice Up Your Christmas with this limited range of festive gifts for your friends and family,” the email proclaims. Nah, I don’t think so.

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