ALDI special buys: Just how cheap is the Smith’s Mega Mix?

Unhealthy school lunches ahoy! Amongst ALDI’s special buys on Wednesday 30 August is the self-proclaimed Smith’s Mega Mix, a 60-pack of assorted savoury snacks for $21.99. Within this box you get 15 packs each of:

  • Smith’s Crinkle Cut Original Crisps
  • Smith’s Crinkle Cut Cheese & Onion Crisps
  • Doritos Cheese Supreme
  • Twisties Cheese

That’s 37 cents per pack, with a weight of 19 grams per pack and a unit price of $1.93 per 100 grams.

This is, to be clear, cheaper than Woolworths or Coles generally manage. A Smith’s 20-multipack usually comes in at $8.90, which is $2.43 per 100 grams.

If you’re OK with larger sizes rather than 19g serves, you can of course do better. This week for instance Woolworths has half-price 90g Twisties packets for $1.35. That $1.50/100 grams, better than the ALDI offer (but less lunchbox friendly).

One other reason I’m struck by this special is that we know that ALDI’s own brand crisps are actually manufactured by Smith’s anyway. Despite that, in this case they clearly think the brand name will sell better.

The other reason I’m struck? As an inveterate train traveller, portable snacks are always useful. So I may well be tempted by this one in a way I wasn’t by B-grade vinyl records or Maggie Beer stock or Tim Tams.

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